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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 70: Prayer with Praveen and sister Ruby's baptism

So if you have not seen Vijay's new hit movie I would encourage you to tell me how it is:) Or you can just listen and watch the music video. Vijay is my companions favorite hero!

So this last week was pretty intense for Elder Ravindran and I. We went on exchange everyday because we did not do it earlier in the transfer. I had a great time with Elder Larson and Elder Cloward on Wednesday. We had planned for 4 appointments but we all know happens when we get to excited...they bunk and we find ourselves stuck at church the whole day. But it was not that bad because we had one of the greatest appointments I have ever had on that day. Praveen was our last appointment and we were super tired from being at church all day. Praveen started off the lesson telling us that he had been fasting all of today, in hopes that he will receive an answer to his prayer. My planner got left in my bag in the apartment so we were flying blind as far as teaching. We looked at each other and I said" Lets see what the spirit can do". 

We felt like we should read the Book of Mormon with him from where he was reading and we found ourselves reading the short but powerful 1 Nephi chapter 9. We all shared our testimonies and then we asked if Praveen could give us a closing prayer. What happened next I could not explain in words but as he said that closing prayer I was engulfed by love and compassion as he continued to utter his desires to our Heavenly Father. After his prayer he asked us if he could be alone in the room as he closed his fast. We left and waited for about 5 minutes and he came out with tears in his eyes, he looked to me and said " I heard something Elder, I felt something but I don't know what it was". I talked with him in the room, just us two, and told him that he had received his witness and that he needs to act on the prompting. 

Praveen came to church and he has brought many of his friends to listen to the gospel. The concern now is if his parents will let him be baptized because now he is ready! It has been amazing to see how much he has changed over the past 6 weeks. 

Another magnificent thing that happened this week was the baptism of sister Ruby. There is actually a funny story that goes behind that baptism. So we tried to have a member preform the baptism but she insisted that I perform it. Not remembering that I left my baptismal pants in Bangalore, I thought that all would be well...until of course I found out that my pants were no where to be found. I tried 2 pants on before the baptism and they looked like Yoga pants on me! I then made the choice to just wear the jump suit...the jump suit was still small but I fit. It was super tight and I ripped my crotch area but no problem. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing ever and the baptism went very well! 

Well enjoy the photos and Stay Classy Seattle!

With Swag,

Elder Dusara

12th man in Hyderabad
Sister Ruby baptism with Elder Ravindran

MLC in Hyderabad

Indian Pillsbury Dough-boy

Sister Ruby Baptism

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