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Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 73: Miracles never cease

So to start off with a funny story, my companion and I have been talking about exercise for pretty much our entire transfer together. We have started doing exercise but its the new T25 work outs that we have not been doing. So last Thursday we finally gathered our strength in the morning and proceeded to follow the councils for Sean T(I think thats his name). Yea it was 25 minutes of hell and afterwards I could not even sit down on the toilet:( For the next days to follow my companion was still sore and I would always hit him or drop something just to have him whine and squeal as he would bend down. So there is no immediate six pack yet but I am starting to visualize how it will look (just like Sharukh Khan in his new movie Happy New Year).

So now here is something spiritual!

So on Wednesday my companion and I were pumped to meet some new less-actives and potentially new investigators. We took a bus about 45 minutes into our area and right as we entered into the area we were going to proselyte in everyone at once called us and cancelled(about 5 appointments). So as any missionary might say "Why is this happening to us", or "What did we do to deserve this". We were a little discourage but we knew that there was a chance we could save this day. So I asked my companion if we could pray. We were on the main road and we walked away from all the noise and found a spot to pray. We asked Heavenly Father to help us and then we closed. 

Expecting an immediate answer we would ask ourselves if we have "felt anything yet" over and over again. We called many investigators on our phone to try and meet with us but nothing worked. Then we just tried to have someone meet us at church. One of our potential investigators told us he would try to meet us at the church but I know that means "NO". So we went to church to see if any of our YSA's were there. We got to church and sat down for 10 minutes and all the sudden we see sister Suhasini and another friend I have not seen before. One thing led to another and we were about to have a wonderful lesson about the Nature of the God Head and she was so happy to finally meet us.   

With Heavenly Father all things are possible...even finding new people to teach!

With Love,

Elder Dusara

12s are in India too

True to himself...no money

Still the same

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 72: Where is your faith Elder?

When we where having our weekly planning a couple of days ago, we were discussing about how can we find New Investigators because that seems to be the struggle mission wide. While we were setting goals for the upcoming week we were remembering what President Berrett challenged us to do, which was to find 12 New Investigators every week. I said that our goal should be 12 and my companion said "How". Then that is where the quote derives "Where is your faith Elder", he said as boldy as possibly "Its over there in that bucket" I laughed for a good chunk of time and we finished that planning 1 hour later. The next day all 5 of our appointments cancelled and my comp was pretty chapped...I guess his faith was still in the bucket:)

Well now for more spiritual things, Sunday we were blessed to have 4 of our investigators attend sacrament meeting and stay for the classes. One of them actually(Praveen) told us that he would be leaving somewhere with his family and that he would not be there to take the sacrament. With his Baptism being on the 23rd of November we were hoping that he would be able to come but he said that he was already committing to his family that he would go. When we finished sacrament and walked downstairs to Gospel Principles we saw Praveen and his friend waiting for the class to start. I was shocked and asked what happened. He just said that he was getting baptized next week so he cancelled the plans! Praveen is ready baby! 

After we had our lessons with our investigators who attended church we all(Auxiliaries) gathered into Marks car (best YSA ever) and we (bishop included) traveled to visit a family that was at one time a very strong member but due to something they went less-active. We could not find the house for like 30 minutes and we were looking around aimlessly. We received a call and were guided to the home and there we met that beautiful family. The welcomed us with open arms and I showed them the video on my camera "Strength Beyond My Own". Its about temples and we invited them to start preparing to get ready for the temple! It was such a powerful lesson and everyone participated. 

Below you can check out the photos of the family:)

With Class and SWAG Combined,

Elder Dusara

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 71: A Precious Diamond

So yesterday my companion and I had been at the church for about 7 hours because we had meetings before and lessons after church so we were pretty exhausted. My companion and I were talking with members while we were waiting for another member to return a movie we had let them borrow. We are talking and talking and talking and all the sudden, my companion whips out a banana from his pocket and says "Hey, do you want a banana?". I was like, "Where did you even get that?", He had no idea where it came from.

So on Saturday I was still feeling a little under the weather because I was previously sick for 2 days.  I felt like I should do something this week so we went on splits. I went with a brother named Yohan and we achieved every teaching appointment my companion and I had planned. The appointment that touched me more than anything was at 6:45pm. Yohan and I were going to visit the Shiromani family but I was impressed to go visit a less active family who lived near by (we talked about this family in Ward Council). I had no idea how to get to the home (I had been only one time before) because there was construction everywhere and the roads were so different. I turned and said to Yohon, "Lets see what the spirit can do!". Not 10 minutes after I had said that we were looking into the home of Sister Budee Pudee and her family. Messages were shared, the spirit was felt, questions were answered, and laughs were exchanged all because of the spirit.

A couple days before me and Brother Raju (on splits again) were trying to find a share auto to take to a recent converts home. No one is going in the direction that we want to go. All of the sudden I see this woman (a very large in stature woman) approach me with open arms and hugged me as if we were related. As she/he hugged me she/he leaned into my ear and said something in Hindi I did not understand but I was soon told later that it meant "You are my precious diamond" (In the manliest voice I could summon!). Raju laughed at me and I was forever confused at what happened! But I came to the conclusion that I hugged a HE SHE! 


Elder Dusara

Zone Conference

We found bacon (Thanks Elder Gill)

Elder Ravindran and I used Chicken Kabab Masala to marinate the bacon and we fried it and had it will Dal! and ONION RITHA!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 70: Prayer with Praveen and sister Ruby's baptism

So if you have not seen Vijay's new hit movie I would encourage you to tell me how it is:) Or you can just listen and watch the music video. Vijay is my companions favorite hero!

So this last week was pretty intense for Elder Ravindran and I. We went on exchange everyday because we did not do it earlier in the transfer. I had a great time with Elder Larson and Elder Cloward on Wednesday. We had planned for 4 appointments but we all know happens when we get to excited...they bunk and we find ourselves stuck at church the whole day. But it was not that bad because we had one of the greatest appointments I have ever had on that day. Praveen was our last appointment and we were super tired from being at church all day. Praveen started off the lesson telling us that he had been fasting all of today, in hopes that he will receive an answer to his prayer. My planner got left in my bag in the apartment so we were flying blind as far as teaching. We looked at each other and I said" Lets see what the spirit can do". 

We felt like we should read the Book of Mormon with him from where he was reading and we found ourselves reading the short but powerful 1 Nephi chapter 9. We all shared our testimonies and then we asked if Praveen could give us a closing prayer. What happened next I could not explain in words but as he said that closing prayer I was engulfed by love and compassion as he continued to utter his desires to our Heavenly Father. After his prayer he asked us if he could be alone in the room as he closed his fast. We left and waited for about 5 minutes and he came out with tears in his eyes, he looked to me and said " I heard something Elder, I felt something but I don't know what it was". I talked with him in the room, just us two, and told him that he had received his witness and that he needs to act on the prompting. 

Praveen came to church and he has brought many of his friends to listen to the gospel. The concern now is if his parents will let him be baptized because now he is ready! It has been amazing to see how much he has changed over the past 6 weeks. 

Another magnificent thing that happened this week was the baptism of sister Ruby. There is actually a funny story that goes behind that baptism. So we tried to have a member preform the baptism but she insisted that I perform it. Not remembering that I left my baptismal pants in Bangalore, I thought that all would be well...until of course I found out that my pants were no where to be found. I tried 2 pants on before the baptism and they looked like Yoga pants on me! I then made the choice to just wear the jump suit...the jump suit was still small but I fit. It was super tight and I ripped my crotch area but no problem. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing ever and the baptism went very well! 

Well enjoy the photos and Stay Classy Seattle!

With Swag,

Elder Dusara

12th man in Hyderabad
Sister Ruby baptism with Elder Ravindran

MLC in Hyderabad

Indian Pillsbury Dough-boy

Sister Ruby Baptism