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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 69: A little late due to Diwali - Spirit in Sacrament Meeting experience

So I am so sorry that I could not email you on Monday. We had to fly to Bangalore for MLC so there was little time.

I guess Diwali is over but I would still like to wish everyone a HAPPY DIWALI (World War 3). Actually I would like to share a story with you regarding my Diwali experience this year. So my companion and I had made plans to visit 2 investigators at the Church. Praveen and Ruby were the two that we were planning on having a lesson with. 

Since Praveen has been asking so many questions about Joseph Smith and the life he lived, we decided to watch "Joseph Smith The Prophet of The Restoration". After watching that his doubts and his questions were answered and his testimony was much stronger. At about 4 o clock sister Ruby came to the church and we were just planning on sharing with her the message of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. After beginning with an opening prayer I asked, "How do you feel about your baptism date on Oct 26th?" Keep in mind that she comes from a very strong christian background and that missionaries have been teaching her for about 10 months, she also is wanting to receive her personal witness.

She said, "Yea! the 26th sounds great". Me and my companion turned to each other and had the most confused look on our face. I was like, "Did you just say yes" and she replied, "Yes I did". She was the hardest investigator I have ever worked with on my mission. In a recent exchange with President Berrett on Sunday she even said that she was sorry for putting the missionaries through so much. 

So this Saturday we will be having a Baptism service for sister Ruby and right after that we have a Missionary Fireside! 

This small experience I want to share is with a sister that I saw in Sacrament meeting this last Sunday. I noticed a sister I have not seen before sitting in the back and I felt compelled to just day hello. She had some small disability and a slight speech problem but I felt the spirit even stronger. I just shook her hand a gave a simple hello and that was it. Sacrament carried on and then it came time for the closing prayer. She walked up there and and started and finished what I thought was the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard. I felt the spirit confirm to me that what she said was true and that I must follow it. In her prayer she mentioned the "she wants everyone to love everyone unconditionally without judging, and even though people might be different we should love them more". Absolutely fantastic!

From Love and no photos.

Elder Dusara 

Fireworks like no place else!

Diwali meal

Elders sitting down to eat

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