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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 72: Where is your faith Elder?

When we where having our weekly planning a couple of days ago, we were discussing about how can we find New Investigators because that seems to be the struggle mission wide. While we were setting goals for the upcoming week we were remembering what President Berrett challenged us to do, which was to find 12 New Investigators every week. I said that our goal should be 12 and my companion said "How". Then that is where the quote derives "Where is your faith Elder", he said as boldy as possibly "Its over there in that bucket" I laughed for a good chunk of time and we finished that planning 1 hour later. The next day all 5 of our appointments cancelled and my comp was pretty chapped...I guess his faith was still in the bucket:)

Well now for more spiritual things, Sunday we were blessed to have 4 of our investigators attend sacrament meeting and stay for the classes. One of them actually(Praveen) told us that he would be leaving somewhere with his family and that he would not be there to take the sacrament. With his Baptism being on the 23rd of November we were hoping that he would be able to come but he said that he was already committing to his family that he would go. When we finished sacrament and walked downstairs to Gospel Principles we saw Praveen and his friend waiting for the class to start. I was shocked and asked what happened. He just said that he was getting baptized next week so he cancelled the plans! Praveen is ready baby! 

After we had our lessons with our investigators who attended church we all(Auxiliaries) gathered into Marks car (best YSA ever) and we (bishop included) traveled to visit a family that was at one time a very strong member but due to something they went less-active. We could not find the house for like 30 minutes and we were looking around aimlessly. We received a call and were guided to the home and there we met that beautiful family. The welcomed us with open arms and I showed them the video on my camera "Strength Beyond My Own". Its about temples and we invited them to start preparing to get ready for the temple! It was such a powerful lesson and everyone participated. 

Below you can check out the photos of the family:)

With Class and SWAG Combined,

Elder Dusara

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