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Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 33: Tough week for conversations

This week was very very slow for Elder Gardiner and I because everyone of our investigators except for maybe 2 or 3 just didn't have any desire anymore and now we have to do some intense finding. I don't understand how someone can just stop progressing after they have been taught so much and after they have read the Book of Mormon? Anyway, getting discouraged is the last thing we need to start doing so for know we are going to find new investigators using the less-actives. If there is any successful way of finding, its using the less-actives. We need to find these people who have been lost and rekindle their testimony and have them share it with their friends that they refer us too. It works! 

We have been working very hard with Phanindra lately and we were able to get closer to the father and have him build his trust in us. He is considering letting Phanindra being baptized because he likes the maturity of the members of the church and he wants his son to act the same. Yesterday we had family home evening at the Balla families home and we brought Phanindra with us. When we were picking him up from his house, his father asked me to say a prayer for him? He used to never talk to us or let us in but this time he trusted us so much that he wanted us to pray for him. Something(The Holy Ghost) touched his heart and softened it towards us. 

Prayers are answered, I can testify of it because I have witnessed now more than ever on my mission. Do not give up on someone because you think all hope is lost. Our Heavenly Father gives us these opportunities to exercise our faith and ASK Him for his help. When we humble ourselves and do so, he is able to do many great and marvelous things.

My Challenge: Pray every night this week and ask Heavenly Father for his help in whatever you are experiencing in your life. Don't forget to give thanks for everything he has given you and I know your prayer will be answered:)

Elder Dusara

Elder Thompson and I on our new bike!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 32 Pics

The Balla family (favorite)

Elder Solomon and Yugioh

Pres Basina's daughters baptism

The Bros and Kavia

Boo - watchman's daughter

Week 32: Zone conference & Phanindra progress

What a week?

We had our Zone Conference and we had just a great week as far as Missionary Work. In Zone conference we dug deep into the doctrines of 3 Nephi. President Berrett has so much knowledge to share it is amazing. We talked about how 3 Nephi is the Holy of Holies of the Book of Mormon. We talked about 3 Nephi chapter 11-27 because when Elder Holland is coming we are going to talk about those chapters. I was also able to learn more about bringing members with us to lessons with us because that is something that we are struggling with in our branch. 

So I know I have not talked about Phanindra in a while but we have had an awesome experience with him this past week. Elder Gardiner and I went to his home and we brought Sujatha and Sushmitha(Mother and Daughter) with us. Sujatha and Phanindra's mother became good friends and Sushmitha and his sister became good friends as well. 

While we were teaching about the Book of Mormon his father walked in and sat with us. We have never seen his father for the 3 months we have known Phanindra and it was so cool to finally meet him. We just acted cool and had alot of fun after the lesson getting to know his father who does not speak any English at all. Ever since our visit Phanindra just wants us to come over all the time to teach his brother. We actually saw Phanindra at church with his friend and after church we brought him to a families home to have family home evening and he loved it! 

The days are going by so fast and I am beginning to realize that 2 years is not enough time.

Going to buy some more suits this week and we are going to play some basketball today!

I need a care package:))))

Elder Dusara

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 31: Update on Phanindra and family

This past week Elder Thompson and I were sick for two days while Elder Britton took care of us. It did slow down the work but my new companion Elder Gardiner helped me get back into rhythm. So Phanindra was an investigator of ours that was suppose to get baptized 3 weeks ago but...his father wanted him to wait till he was 21? So we still continued to visit in hopes of meeting with his father and explaining to him the importance of baptism and the blessings that come from it. He works till really late so we have never seen him. 

Anyway, I just felt prompted to go visit Phanindra and Elder Gradiner and I rode down to his house and saw Phanindra riding his cycle and we asked if we come over. He let us is and we began to start sharing a small message then he cousin and his wife and children came down and joined us. He asked us alot about America and what is was like and if we had any pictures of our families. We talked more and more and I gave him a Book of Mormon and I told him in my boldest voice to "READ IT!" 

He was asking a lot of questions about the church because he came from a Hindu background and all his questions could be answered if he read it. He and his wife both spoke English and they were really nice. Rajesh and Srivani were there names. 

We were able to set date with our good friend Sudheer who came to church on Sunday with gospel library installed on his phone. He is reading the Book of Mormon and he wants to come to church in a white shirt and tie. I told him that if he buys a white shirt I will give him a tie (I have 26 ties).  His date is for the 23rd of Feb so we are going to get that man prepared for the font!

Elder Dusara

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 30: Changes - Super Bowl Champs

Wow this past week was quite the roller coaster! It started out super freaking cool with an awesome shopping spree down on the main road with the Brick Squad trying to find material for our new suits we are getting. We were even able to get 2 appointments in the evening which is impossible most Preparation Days. 

At the end of the day we received a call from our Assistants and they said that me and Elder Solomon were getting split up? Solomon is going to be the new Zone leader here and I am going to be joined by Elder Gardiner (from St. George). Elder Britton (just returned from the Philippines) and Elder Thompson (my Bro) are going to joining Elder Gardiner and me in our apartment! 

On Saturday Elder Solomon and I had no appointments in the evening so we visited all of our investigators and invited them to church. We received a call from a member telling us to meet her at church because her friend had a question about the Book Of Mormon. We met them and gave her a Book Of Mormon and she was so relived that her question could be answered. She asked us "What is the difference between our church and other churches". We shared with her the Restoration and we bore our strong testimonies of it. 

On Sunday we had 5 of our investigators show up and they all attended all the classes and had a wonderful time. Heavenly Father is real and he does answer your prayers! If you truly desire something ask in faith and you will receive it.

I am glad to be a Seahawks fan:)

Elder Dusara