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Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 73: Miracles never cease

So to start off with a funny story, my companion and I have been talking about exercise for pretty much our entire transfer together. We have started doing exercise but its the new T25 work outs that we have not been doing. So last Thursday we finally gathered our strength in the morning and proceeded to follow the councils for Sean T(I think thats his name). Yea it was 25 minutes of hell and afterwards I could not even sit down on the toilet:( For the next days to follow my companion was still sore and I would always hit him or drop something just to have him whine and squeal as he would bend down. So there is no immediate six pack yet but I am starting to visualize how it will look (just like Sharukh Khan in his new movie Happy New Year).

So now here is something spiritual!

So on Wednesday my companion and I were pumped to meet some new less-actives and potentially new investigators. We took a bus about 45 minutes into our area and right as we entered into the area we were going to proselyte in everyone at once called us and cancelled(about 5 appointments). So as any missionary might say "Why is this happening to us", or "What did we do to deserve this". We were a little discourage but we knew that there was a chance we could save this day. So I asked my companion if we could pray. We were on the main road and we walked away from all the noise and found a spot to pray. We asked Heavenly Father to help us and then we closed. 

Expecting an immediate answer we would ask ourselves if we have "felt anything yet" over and over again. We called many investigators on our phone to try and meet with us but nothing worked. Then we just tried to have someone meet us at church. One of our potential investigators told us he would try to meet us at the church but I know that means "NO". So we went to church to see if any of our YSA's were there. We got to church and sat down for 10 minutes and all the sudden we see sister Suhasini and another friend I have not seen before. One thing led to another and we were about to have a wonderful lesson about the Nature of the God Head and she was so happy to finally meet us.   

With Heavenly Father all things are possible...even finding new people to teach!

With Love,

Elder Dusara

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