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Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 71: A Precious Diamond

So yesterday my companion and I had been at the church for about 7 hours because we had meetings before and lessons after church so we were pretty exhausted. My companion and I were talking with members while we were waiting for another member to return a movie we had let them borrow. We are talking and talking and talking and all the sudden, my companion whips out a banana from his pocket and says "Hey, do you want a banana?". I was like, "Where did you even get that?", He had no idea where it came from.

So on Saturday I was still feeling a little under the weather because I was previously sick for 2 days.  I felt like I should do something this week so we went on splits. I went with a brother named Yohan and we achieved every teaching appointment my companion and I had planned. The appointment that touched me more than anything was at 6:45pm. Yohan and I were going to visit the Shiromani family but I was impressed to go visit a less active family who lived near by (we talked about this family in Ward Council). I had no idea how to get to the home (I had been only one time before) because there was construction everywhere and the roads were so different. I turned and said to Yohon, "Lets see what the spirit can do!". Not 10 minutes after I had said that we were looking into the home of Sister Budee Pudee and her family. Messages were shared, the spirit was felt, questions were answered, and laughs were exchanged all because of the spirit.

A couple days before me and Brother Raju (on splits again) were trying to find a share auto to take to a recent converts home. No one is going in the direction that we want to go. All of the sudden I see this woman (a very large in stature woman) approach me with open arms and hugged me as if we were related. As she/he hugged me she/he leaned into my ear and said something in Hindi I did not understand but I was soon told later that it meant "You are my precious diamond" (In the manliest voice I could summon!). Raju laughed at me and I was forever confused at what happened! But I came to the conclusion that I hugged a HE SHE! 


Elder Dusara

Zone Conference

We found bacon (Thanks Elder Gill)

Elder Ravindran and I used Chicken Kabab Masala to marinate the bacon and we fried it and had it will Dal! and ONION RITHA!

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