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Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 29: Tough week in Rajahmundry

Last week was honestly the worst week we have had in Rajamundry so far. It was very slow and the work was not as good as it could have been. My companion and I were able to reach out and meet a referral given to us who were actually really good. They all spoke English and they were curious about us and why were are In India. The brothers name was Sudhakar, and there was Akhil, and Prasadi(I think). They let us into their home and we exchanged family photos(the best way to start conversation and build trust). We explained to them our purpose and why we were here and we invited them to church. This week we plan on meeting them so lets see what we can do.

My companion and I are having trouble helping others keep their commitments. Maybe we are not doing the best we can to follow up with them? That is something we are going to work on as a companionship and see how the work progresses from there. 

There has been one topic in my mind that I have been thinking about this past week and it has made me reflect on our investigators. Do I truly love my Father in Heaven? Do I love Jesus Christ? If you truly have a desire to be like Jesus Christ and you really love your Father in Heaven, making that first step towards baptism should not even be a discussion. The investigators we have now have some very interesting reasons why they want to hold off on baptism for a while(Alma 34:32-34). 

Some of them just don't feel it is necessary to keep their commitments because they think they know everything? This next week I am going to try something very different in my teaching. I am going to be more bold in my lessons and I really want these people to understand why everything we are teaching them is for their salvation! No more mr nice guy...kind of.

I was sick on Saturday:( There is going to be a huge announcement coming up in Feb. President Funk is coming, someone from the seventy, the Asia area President, and an Apostle (I am guessing Holland!). There might be a new Stake getting announced so lets see what happens:)

Elder Dusara

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 28: Progress with new people to teach

This past was different compared to most weeks. Usually we are able to get alot of member presents and a decent amount of Recent Convert/Less Active lessons but... Since it was a festival week it was almost impossible to meet with out investigators. So we attacked the less-actives and we had a lot of success insomuch that we exceeded our Key Indicator for that:) 

After Elder Eames left we inherited the rest of the area so...we kind of forgot that we also inherited their investigators. Last Wednesday my companion and I were wondering why all of our investigators were not available all week? We looked at our teaching pool and none of them were available, then I noticed our new area and the Investigators Elder Eames, and Elder Vaiphei showed us! 

We were blessed with 6 more souls to teach and we were almost able to meet with all of them. This coming week my companion and I are going to rock the whole area and we are going to set some awesome baptism dates because most of these people are ready.We have 17 people to teach and who are progressing and we need to get them set with a date so they can continue to grow in the gospel. 

There is one sister named Monica who comes to church every Sunday with her sister.  She takes the sacrament, goes to class, marks her scriptures, and says her prayers everyday? She is going to see the font very soon!

The 6 months to Rock-star is looking pretty good so far. Basketball in the morning followed by P90x is great! My chest is looking super cute again:) 

On Feb.28th we are going to have a Mission wide conference and a General Authority will be there:) We havent had a conference like this for 9 years! Leggo

Elder Dusara

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 27 pics

Lunch with other elders

Looking sharp Elder D!

Poser in Rajahmundry

Week 27: Teaching pool is growing in Rajahmundry

Well not a bad week for me and the good old Solomon. We had really great lessons and our teaching pool almost doubled because we now have the whole area to ourselves since Elder Vaiphei and Eames are leaving. We now have a grand total of 21 people that are ready to learn of the gospel and progress towards eternal salvation. 

There is one amongst those 21 people that is very special to me and my companion. His name is Mohan, he lives just near to the Zone Leaders apartment and he was actually a street contact with the other Elders (Eames&Vaiphei). They gave us his number and we gave him a call asking us if we could meet with him at the church because he stays in an all boys hostel (dorm). We picked him up on our cycles and we showed him where church was so he would know where it was for future visits. We sat down with him and were just being cool, getting to know him, asking about his family, asking him questions that would open up any concerns that he would have and that we could address. He really wanted to know more about our church and we answered all the questions he had, he even wanted to serve a mission just like us. 

He wanted to meet with us everyday so he can learn more about Jesus Christ and learn more English so he can get a very good job in the future. He has his Masters degree by the way...so he has done a lot of schooling. Our next visit with him we gave him the invitation to be baptized in the beginning of Feb. and he accepted. 

On Sunday there was a mother and her son and daughter that have come to church twice now and was a referral from our branch president. I have never seen anyone in my life so wanting to be a part of the church. She is always talking about how happy she is when she comes to church and her son Nathan walked up to me and asked if I could baptize him. They are such an awesome family and a true testament to me that there are people out there who are ready to learn more of the gospel, you just have to have to spirit with you to find them. 

I am losing more weight now that I have cut out rice and fast food! We are playing basketball every day and doing push-ups and P-90x!  Y'all Take care nah!

Elder Vaiphei goes home today:(

Elder Dusara out...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 26 Pics

Night view from balcony

New Years with Elder Solomon from Toronto

Hanging out on balcony rooftop on New Years

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 26: Best week yet

This week was the shizzle for me and Elder Solomon! But If I am going to talk about the highlight of the week it would have to be when we found six new investigators in one day. It was on a Friday when Elder Singh was showing us a referral's home. His name was Ram Babu and he was so curious about the church that he looked on mormon.org to learn more. We set a return appointment later that day and we carried out the rest of the day with our regular plans. 

At about 6:30pm we met with Phanindra (baptismal date on the 12th) and he brought his friend over and taught them about the Word of Wisdom. He is progressing so much and he was able to come to church yesterday and witness a baptism that took place afterward. Anyway, after Phanindra's home we went to Ram Babu's home and met his whole family. He really wants to know more about Jesus Christ so we read the Book of Mormon with him and his 4 sons and daughters who all speak amazing English. 

When we asked one of the sisters to pray she said the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard and she said it the way we say prayers. She addressed Heavenly father and she asked that her fathers thoughts and heart would be softened by the spirit. When she closed I asked here if she has met with Missionaries before and she said it has been 3 years since she has met. She used to come to church and take the discussions but her father would not let her get baptized. We have been praying to have a larger teaching pool and now we have that. We are going to set all of them with a baptismal date next visit:)

On Sunday we found out that there were two sisters who were coming to church with their friend and they live in the same apartment as us? What the heck mayne! Two more people to add to our teaching pool which brings us to 13 people! Leggo!

Happy New YEAR Y'ALL

Duece of all Dueces ELDER DUSARA