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Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 97: A week full of randoms

There is no such thing as random. I just wanted to make that clear. So my companion and I have been unlucky this week with bus strikes and hospital visits, not to mention are area is very far away and the fact we are not even living in our own apartment kinda sucks. A couple days ago I was a little bit down because we were not able to teach anyone and we just stopped by this little shop to get some dinner for the night.

 As I was standing on the side of the road I noticed a very very small woman walking towards me and it looked like she was very sad also. I have no idea why, but I was prompted to do something. What to do I did not know. As she got closer I did the unthinkable...I smiled:) When I smiled she warmly smiled back and I just was overcome with happiness and remembered that we should be happy all the time. Small experiences like this can invite so much joy and happiness into our lives and in those around us. Try it.

So Elder Larsen and I were on exchange 2 days ago and we really had no idea what to do. The appointments cancelled and we both did not know the area as well as we would have liked. Elder Bunga called us and told us that there was a less active brother who wants to introduce us to his friend. Very happy we called a cab and immediately went 30 minutes away to meet both these brothers. Turns out that the less active brother has not been at church for about 1 year and the friend he introduced was actually the CEO and Founder of this development group. 

He spoke to us with a lot of power and authority and told us why he wanted to see us. In return we spoke to him and told him our purpose and why we were here at this time to meet with him. The main reason why he wanted to see us was so that we could teach him English. I was a little confused at first, but took the opportunity to turn the discussion in a more spiritual way. I told him that if he could read the Book Of Mormon out loud he would not only see a difference in his English, but he would also come to know more of his savior. 

He has already planned out the days he wants to see us. And he sends his driver to come pick us up. I feel super rich when I with him:) 

One day!
Elder Dusara

Teaching english to CEO

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