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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 100: The end is near

So many things happened last week and I have no idea where to start. So we were able to finalize a new apartment for the 4 of us and it is right next to church. Five weeks of apartment searching came to an end:) We extended a baptismal date to brother Jay Kumar. He read the Book of Mormon and generated some questions to ask us and we just straight away taught lesson 1 and all of his questions were answered. He accepted the date and is now working towards mid June. President Berrett came to town and I had my 2nd to last interview with him. He gave me some great tips on how I should finish off the last week of my mission. He helped me a lot in that interview and gave me the strength and motivation I need to finish strong. Today we went to this awesome place like 2 hours away and we took some nice photos as a Zone.

Yesterday we had District Conference and we came down to the big chapel in Saidapet to meet. I was participating in the choir because I thought it would be a great way to know the branch a little bit better. So to conclude the meeting we sang the first 3 lines of the "Spirit Of God" and the congregation joined in the end. When the congregation joined with us I seriously thought I was going to fly to heaven or something. I felt the spirit so strongly and I almost started to cry. I always knew that song was awesome but I never knew it was that awesome haha.

After the Conference we were approached my a sister from a different branch and she introduced us to her friend Christopher. She said that they were going to be getting married soon and that she wanted us to teach him and prepare him to hold the priesthood. We went up into a little room together and started to ask questions to get to know him a little bit better. The spirit started to work within us and his concerns were all laid out and we started to teach the Restoration because we knew that would be best for him. As we closed the lesson we ask the sister to bear her testimony and that's when things got real. She bore such a powerful testimony of the restoration and of the prophet and you could see this brother start to break down and burst into tears. I looked at the brother and I said " You are very lucky to have such a Christ-like friend, you follow her example and your life will change". Lives were touched that day!

The next experience is more of a miracle. Elder Bunga and I were talking about our vision for the next 6 weeks in this area and what we want it to be like. We noticed that in our finding efforts we have not been doing all that much but are always blessed with new people to teach. We said a prayer before we went asking for an opportunity to teach someone new. Every appointment cancelled and it kinda sucked. I knew that there was still more that we could do so we called some people trying to set appointment's and we fixed our area book. Before we went to bed we received a call from this random guy asking us if the Elders were still living in Chennai. I said yes we are. He was actually taught by Elders like 7 months ago and he wanted those visits to continue! His name was Joseph:)

See you next week,
Elder Dusara

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