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Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 96: Two baptisms in Chennai (Jennifer and Akshaya)

So...I kind of emailed you like 4 days ago so not a lot has changed since then. We did in fact have 2 baptisms on Sunday. The Baptism of Sister Jennifer and Sister Akshaya. We have been preparing her for this past week and she has done everything in her power to make sure she was ready for that day.

Sunday was really awesome and kinda sad because I was still expecting to wake up in Dowelaiswaram somehow and see all those individuals I loved but a change had to be made and I was so lovingly welcomed by the members of Chennai 4th branch. Elder Ravindran and Elder Sommer have actually told me about this branch before since this is where they served. I knew this branch was pretty awesome and I was not even surprised when I arrived. 

All the leaders are communicating with each other and we had a Branch Correlation Meeting after church and Elder Bunga and I were able to get some information about some members we can go find and bring back. I was actually called to give a talk 10 minutes before the meeting even started and I felt like I needed to speak about the importance of families. I quoted a song that was shown to me by a member and it was actually from Fast and Furious 7 (The Tribute Song), " How could we not talk about family, when family's all that we got". I felt like it was a great talk because I also talked about my family as well so they could understand.

The Baptism service was actually kind of scary. The water filter decided to be lame and stop working like half way as the font was filling up and we were all trying to figure out what the problem was. This happened right as the baptism candidates were told to be escorted. A couple members just opened up this reserve water thing in the ground and we all brought buckets and started to throw water into the font. It took about 20 minutes but thanks to the help from the members we were able to have some great baptisms. My companion and I were not in the photos because things were running a little behind and lets just say that some people were not really thinking straight-____-.

Here are some photos of our district and the other. 

Elder Dusara

Baptism of Jennifer and Akshaya

Filling the font manually

Filling the font manually

Chennai district

Baptism of Jennifer and Akshaya

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