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Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 99: I understand why I am in Chennai

For the longest time I have been thinking about why I was called to labor here in Chennai? I mean I had it great in Dowelaiswaram, I had people ready for baptism, I had 16 plus investigators, my area was small, the members were giving referrals almost every day. I thought that was going to be it. Elder Singh and I for sure thought that the branch was going to bring a parade for us right before we left because they loved us so much. 

All of that changed, and now that I am in an area that is very large, our investigator pool is building but it has not crossed the double digits yet, the members are giving some referrals not a lot. All this time thinking and wondering what I might have done wrong and what more was to be done? I found my answer yesterday when I was on exchange with Elders Quorum President.

On Saturday we had an Elders Quorum activity at the main building in Saidapet. When the announced that we would be playing basketball for the activity 2 Sundays ago I was looking forward to it the whole week. The time came and we woke up super early and took a cab to the church. We were the only ones there for like 30 minutes and I was starting to get discouraged a bit. We had contacted all these YSA's that I wanted to meet so badly because I heard they were all really cool guys, but were for some reason or another not coming to church. 

After about 45 minutes people just started to come. Our branch president was there, and then all the YSA's showed up almost at the same time. We played 2 good games of 5v5 and had a blast. I was able to become friends with everyone and it was just a great thing that needed to happen. Every area I have been in I have been trying to activate and find the YSA's. For some reason I have not been very successful until this day because none of them were ever home. Now they know that Elder Dusara loves cars and bikes and is not a weird guy. Seeing these brothers interact with the Elders Quorum President and Branch President like family was one of the greatest things I have ever seen on my mission.

So yesterday when I was on exchange with President Billy Issac(EQP) I was talking with him about the same things I am telling you. He actually told me that all those YSA's that came to paly basketball were actually super excited to come to church and to see me. He said that maybe I was sent to Chennai to help these YSA's come back. He said that he has a been apart of this branch for 10 years and he has never seen an Elder get so close to the YSA's in such a small amount of time. When he told me this I was just slapped (spiritually) because I think I was "Looking beyond the mark" as Jacob says in Jacob 4:14. I was trying to finish my mission trying to do something new when I should have just looked at where my success was found in all my other areas. Now I understand why I am here:)

Someone Proposed to me yesterday:)

Elder Dusara

Cinco de Mayo Chennai style

The "Big Smooth"

bball with the YSAs in Chennai

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