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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 88: Because of Him

Last week had its all time highs and had some really crappy lows. 

The highs were great, we achieved our goal of teaching 25 people and we had great success in using the spirit to testify in our lessons. I have made my companion a little promise and I promised him I would stop talking so much during the lesson and give some more time for him to share his thoughts. I think it worked out very well because it brought more unity between us and we were able to testify together(John 8:17). Elder Thambi is going to become one of the best Indian's in this mission. He is so willing to learn and to improve and he is not afraid to tell someone how he feels. 

So we have been working with the brother named Guna. He was taught like 2 years ago and just lost contact with the missionaries. One day we were derping around our area at night with a member and we stumbled upon him. We asked some questions and one thing led to another and now we are reteaching him all the lessons So this Friday we had a really powerful lesson with him and we invited him to church. The next day my patience was tested and I was not happy at all. On Saturday I went to visit him and he said that he would be back in 10 minutes...If you have been in India for more than 20 minutes you will know that 10 minutes is actually 30 minutes:( He said that 3 times...so that means that I wasted 1 hour and a half waiting for him and I missed 3 appointments I could have had. He did eventually come back and when he did he just said "Sorry Elder I cant talk now I have some work" and he was gone:( 

We tried to have members go to pick him up on Sunday but it was to no success. We tried so hard to have him come to church and to help but nothing worked. I was so angry that whole night before Sunday and I fasted so that all that anger would go away and I could love him instead. On Sunday we visited him after church and went over the 10 commandments. I want to talk to him directly about the Sabbath Day and how special it is for him. I can't type what I said because I have no recollection of that but I can say that the spirit worked through me in one of the most powerful lessons I have ever given! Now he understands why it is so important and he was sorry for not coming. My anger was gone and all I felt was joy because of his understanding. Because of Him.

This has happened with a couple investigators last week but this was the one that was most powerful.

Here are some photos of a service project that we took part in and a baptism that we all had this week. Also a nice selfie for ya!


Elder Dusara

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