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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 87: Nightly planning brings blessings too

Computers were junk yesterday and they would not upload photos. So that is why I am emailing today:)

I feel strange when I have to keep repeating the phrase " Last week was so amazing", every week seems to be like this and I don't know what is happening.

We are somehow being blessed with new investigators every week and they are so amazing. We received a phone call from one sister in our branch and she showed us where here friend lives and we just did some How to Begin Teaching and introduce the God Head to him. He is a Christian and has never read the bible before. He was a little hesitant at first but we got him laughing and all was well. 

A cool experience we had yesterday was with brother Venkat Ratnam and his family. I credit this blessing directly to Nightly Planning. We have never skipped nighly planning for any reason because we both know how important it is. So we planned on sharing the Plan of Salvation with him and his family so when we got their we were asking about his work and what he actually does. Turn's out he works for GSK Horlicks and he was explaining the products he deals with. Right when he said Horlicks something in my mind just said Word Of Wisdom. 

I waited till he finished speaking and leaned over to my companion and asked if we should teach Word of Wisdom instead. So that's what we did and when we finished that lesson he almost had tears in his eyes because just before we came, him and his wife just got in a fight about drinking tea and whether it was bad or not. So this experience is just another testimony to me of how important planning is. When we care enough to plan for Heavenly Father children, he will help us through the Spirit!

It's weird now that I am coming to an end of my mission to hear others ask me for advice and to ask "How fast is everything going?". I was the one that would ask those questions when I first came out. 

Peace be with you and an extra piece for you;)

Elder Dusara

Wedding photo

With elder Singh

Cricket, Rajahmundry style


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