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Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 92: The power of the Book of Mormon

This young man is really changing right before our eyes.  The experiences that he is sharing are coming from his heart and he is really totally committed to sharing the gospel to the people of India. He is learning so much each and every day.

Before I even start my letter today I would just like everyone to know that I got pooped on by a bird yesterday! 

The Book of Mormon has literally changed everything in our area. We have been so worried in the past by responding to other peoples questions by going directly to the New Testament to answer their concerns, leaving very little room to share or even focus on the Book of Mormon. Yeah, we were able to answer their question but that only led to another question and so on. 

Right after that conference we practiced every morning using the Book of Mormon and trying to be creative with it. We have been teaching lessons in the morning because many of our New Investigators come to play soccer with us and that is the only time they can meet. We have not taught one lesson this week that was not centered on the Book of Mormon. 

We saw, not only were they actually reading the Book of Mormon, but they were also keeping other commitments as well. We are working with one family that was not progressing at all really, but still continued to go and visit and see what the Spirit can do. We have been reading the Book of Mormon with them pretty much all week and now they are reading the Book of Mormon as a part of their family studies they have. Their daughter and son are preparing for baptism April 12th and we are going to read the Book of Mormon every day to get the parents also.

The Book of Mormon will change, and can change everything...you just need to have faith. Every appointment we had was spiritual and powerful. People focused and could feel that power work with in them.

So here is a funny quote of the day for you.

We needed one more brother to come with us on splits, I tried everyone but no one replied. I was able to get a hold of one brother and this is the conversation.

Dusara: "Hey Brother can you help us today?"
Brother: "Sorry Elder I am trying to prepare to go back to Vizak tomorrow."
Dusara: "Wait you have plenty of time to get your things ready, we only need you for 3 hours."
Brother  "Sorry Elder I need to iron my shirt"
Dusara: "Wait what? You need to iron your shirt?" Just come in whatever you want"
Brother: "Sorry Elder bye..."
Dusara: "Troll face with Elder Singh for 20 minutes ------____--------

Another Elder Dusara is coming,

Elder Dusara

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