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Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 91: AC goes out, but the Spirit comes in

This young man's testimony grows stronger each week with the experiences that he has.  We are truly blessed to have him serving a mission among the people in India.  

So last week our AC was leaking water and we woke up to a little lake it our bedroom, 2 days ago we did not turn on the AC and instead let the fan run...I think I lost 10lbs trying to sleep and my pillow and bed sheets were soaked in sweat. Elder Singh continues to scoop everyone without cause or mercy and it's injuring me. Since we have been playing football (English) in the morning I am starting to see my body trim down a bit and it feels awesome!

Elder Thambi is continuing to rock it with the members and is doing a great job getting close with our investigators. Everyone loves him and it makes teaching so much more effective, We are continuing to do all we can to prepare our investigators for baptism but we are still having trouble with some of them to help them come to church. Elder Thambi and I have been spiritually drained a couple times last week because we have been having awesome personal studies for our investigators parents.We had an interesting experience with one mother who was very set on Jehovah being god. We shared with her many scriptures from the New Testament to support our claim that Heavenly Father is our father and HIs father but...since her bible was translated horribly wrong she did not understand. It was also in Telugu so even we could not understand. I am so grateful for the King James version of the Bible! 

So on a more spiritual note. Yesterday we received a phone call from one of our great families(Chinagondolas). They wanted us to give a blessing to their mother since she would be going to Hyderabad to undergo a surgery. We felt it would be good to give a comfort blessing and that is what we did. The mother, sister Kanthum, started to cry and get very sad so we decided to share a scripture I read in my personal study in Alma chapter 14.  Alma and Amulek were thrown in prison and were delivered because of their patience and because of their faith. The spirit just swooped in and everyone was just silent after we read the verses we needed to read. Then for the closing prayer I called on the daughter Tulasi to give the prayer but she did not know how? I taught her to pray in English and she started to cry during the prayer and than everyone in their family started to cry. The spirit was very strong and I was just speechless after. My companion and I fist bumped after the lesson! MY LIFE IS BRO

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