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Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 85: Elder Thambi opens up, Lenin and his sister

MAN! Such an awesome week for Elder Thambi and I. We were able to find a couple of great YSA's to show us the area and some new investigators we can teach, found some great places to eat food, had 16 lessons, and cleaned the apartment and made it look way nicer. All that in a matter of one week...not bad!

Elder Thambi and I have been having a lot of success in our area and we are so blessed for the elders the recently were there because they updated almost everything. So a shout out to them. Something we were trying to focus on last week was making sure that we always had our nightly planning session when we came back to the apartment. It has been a problem for some missionaries here and it is sad to see that. If you do not plan for the next day you will never have the spirit because you are pretty much telling Heavenly Father you do not care. No joke, every night we had our planning session and we were able to have 2-3 lessons everyday in a whitewashed area? That's pretty amazing.

Elder Thambi used to be a very quiet and reserved missionary when he first came but thanks to the Lord and Elder Dusara the silence has been broken. Now we can walk up and down the street joking around having a lot of fun while at the same time having spiritual and meaningful lessons. As a trainer I want him to experience what it feels like to have success and to have the spirit always because once he has gone through that, there is no stopping that success.

I cant really share just one experience that was spiritual because we have had so many and they are all on the same level. Its hard to pick and choose. But, if I could choose one I would choose to talk about boy named Lenin. He and his sister are investigators. He is 13 and his sister is 15. We first taught him on Sunday(2 weeks ago) and he was very quiet and had little understanding about the gospel, his sister was the same way. But after visiting him over and over and over again we have built this amazing relationship with him and now we can joke around together and play games. I think there is a wonderful principle that goes well with this and I think it is LOVE. We could have easily just visited these two and shared a message just for the purpose of fulfilling a number but that's not missionary work and that is something most missionaries fail to understand. 

I remember this quote " People done care about how much you know, until you show how much you care"

That is a principle that goes beyond the mission. But that is the spiritual thought that I have had this week. BTW those two are preparing for baptism in 2 weeks and they know and understand more about the gospel then most of the leadership here. 

Enjoy the photos and always LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Happy Valentines Day,

Elder Dusara 

Teaching the Plan of Salvation

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