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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 86: Fasting brings blessings...

Lets Begin...

So last week Elder Thambi and I slayed it again having been sick and traveling back and forth from Kakinada on Tuesday. We made a goal two weeks ago to stop coming back to the apartment to refuel because we noticed that we would always get kinda lazy and our desire to go back out will just tank. So that's what we did this past week and we could tell the difference. We met all the goals what we had set and we even exceeded a few Key Indicators. We were able teach 15 lessons and they were all strong lessons. Lenin and Pratyusha are preparing to be baptized next Sunday and we just found a new family to teach. I would like to tell you how both of those persons are doing.

So on Saturday we had a lesson with Sister Pratyusha and Brother Lenin(The brother and sister I have been telling you about). After the lesson we felt a little odd because even though they are progressing so well, we still need to speak to their parents about their baptism. So we both thought it would be a great idea to fast. So on Sunday I fasted for 2 reasons and one of them was just for the chance to speak to their parents, even it is just talking. We have never even said hi to each other before because they see us and they shut their doors immediately. That Sunday was the hardest fast I have ever done because Elder Singh and Kumar made some great lunch after church and they were just tempting us like crazy...we endured:) 

When we visited their home we were waiting outside for Arun to show up (Member) and help us. While waiting and talking with the two, Sister Prahyusha asks me if I would like to meet their parents? I was like "Yeah that would be pretty cool". We walked up to the door and their father was just waiting there for us. We shook his hand and just started to talk. Not 2 minutes later, their mother gets up off the bed and comes to shake our hand as well. Turns out she is a teacher and a local college and she speaks fantastic English. About 30 seconds before the conversation ended I remembered why I fasted and I was filled with so much happiness and joy I could not even control my self when we taught Lenin and Prathyusha right after, I just had to share my testimony with them and the spirit was so powerful. 

Thats just one really powerful experience that I will never forget. These experiences are what I want my companion to see in the beginning of his mission so that he will know how to help others if they are struggling. 

Enjoy the photos and remember

Elder Dusara 

Strike a pose

12's in the house!

Duncan's jersey, Barkley's body

Round mound of rebound

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