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Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 95: Chennai first week looking for apt

We will get a longer recap of the past week in a few days.  The photos below are from his last few days in the Dowelaiswaram area in Rajamundry. He really loves that place.

Sorry for the late email this week, I was super busy with my new companion Elder Bunga getting from here to there and this whole mess that unfolded as I came to Chennai. But no things are a little bit different and we are getting in the rythm of things.

I almost cried saying goodbye to Dowelaiswaram branch and it was hard to say goodbye to Elder Thambi. He was a great missionary and I was blessed to be with him for that trainig process. That branch will stay in my heart as the months go bye unitl I come back to India. 

There is really nothing new that is happening other than the fact that we have been looking for apartments for the past 3 days. Our apartment has been having a lot of problems lately and we actually have to leave for some time and live in the other Elders apartment for the time being. This is a very humbling experience for me. We have looked at like 13 apartments and all of them have been wanting families instead of bachelors and it is very frustrating. Even when i give this whole speech to the owner about what we do and how we are REPRESENTATIVES OF JESUS CHRIST he is like, "Yeah...thats great and all but we want families!"-_- 

We are preparing a sister for a baptism next week, her name is sister Jennifer and she is Owesome! 
Me and her little baby son are best friends and that also is Owesome.

Other than that...It is so freaking hot outside! I have been having the worst luck ever. I tore 2 of my pants already trying to get into autos and the pants that would have been great for Chennai I gave them to members in Rajahmundry:( 

See you in 3 days:)

Elder Dusara
Morning cricket and futbol gang

Singh and Dusara

The gang in Rajahmundry

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