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Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 68: Bang, Bang, new song from movie

So the new jam of the week that all the Auto drivers are playing is "Tu Meri". That song is from the new movie Bang Bang and it is a pretty cool song, so y'all should check it out!

Oh and one more thing! I would like to give a shout out for Papa (from Fiji) and wish him a Happy Birthday!

Anyway this week was the baptism of sister Navaneetha! We have been teaching her for about 3 weeks and she is solid! The service went very well and we let brother Raju preform the baptism because he has never had the chance to do so. The spirit was very strong and everything went according to the plan. Brother Praveen (who was about to be dropped) attended sacrament today and he brought up a concern that he was having that was preventing him from being baptized. 

He said "How is it suppose to feel or look like when I receive my witness?" We told him about the different ways the Holy Ghost speaks to us. Sometimes we over think or over look what is to happen and we totally miss the small moment. We both shared our witness and what we flet when we read to know for ourselves. I was very bold with him when he said that " I am saying my prayers everyday", I told him, "If you were saying your prayers with real intent having faith that Heavenly Father will answer you, you would have received your answer last year when the Elders were first teaching you" He thought about that for a second and then I said that, "You need to make your prayers more meaningful than they are now". He understood and the prayer he gave to close the lesson was so powerful and strong! I cannot describe the feeling as I left that room but I am positive he felt something. 

"If we always do what we have always done, than we will get what we have always gotten"

                                                                                                                       -Elder Bednar

If you are not seeing a change in your life, you need to change it yourself with the help of your Heavenly Father! We need his help so badly in this life I cannot even begin to describe! Make your prayers more meaningful and see the change it will bring. That is my challenge to you:)

Enjoy the photos: Yes I am still a little big! 


Elder Dusara

Baptism of Navaneetha

Baptism of Navaneetha

Chillin with the nerf gun

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