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Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 41: Obedience brings blessings

Yet again we had another spiritual filled week because....we were Obedient. There were some days where things just did not fall through but Heavenly Father always just finds away to uplift you whenever you get discouraged. For example, we had a day where we had practiced and prepared for lessons that were going to happen that day and we just felt good about everything. We called to confirm our appointments we had previously made and most of our investigators were not able to meet with us last minute so we instead went around our area and I showed Elder Ravi new places and members he has never been before. 

We were, however, able to have some awesome short, and powerful lessons with some less-actives and members. The spirit was with us in those lessons and everything went very well. As the day came to an end we had one last appointment we wanted to attend and that was with Sister Vennela. Her father did not want her to be baptized because they were already Lutheran and he did not want her to change. We brought our Branch President over to her house and we all sat together and shared our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and the power it has to help us and guide us in our lives. Her father had been exposed to Anti-Mormon literature so he would bring up these topics and false doctrines that made no sense. There was a little bit of a heated discussion between our Branch President and the father but everything changed when we asked sister Vennela to bear her testimony to her father.

Tears were shed as she expressed all her feelings to her father. Before, we had committed her to bearing her testimony to her father, but she was so scared. But that day she must have been filled with the spirit because she bore one of the most beautiful testimonies I have ever heard in my life. The father then calmed down and started to listen to what she had to say. We gave the father a Book Of Mormon and asked him to read with his daughter and before he makes any judgments he should pray to Heavenly Father to ask if the Book is true. That one appointment we had changed the whole day from good to amazing with just one lesson. I know that as we do our part to be as obedient as we can, Heavenly Father will make sure we are taken care of spiritually and physically.

Happy Easter:)

Elder Dusara

Flowers on her head

View to the ocean

Elder Dusara alone

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