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Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 40: Be the same person you are in the dark as you are in the light...

I might have wrote that wrong, but you all will understand:)

This last week might have been the most spiritual week of my entire mission. I had the opportunity to be united with my new companion Elder Ravi who is the most spiritual Elder I have ever met on my mission. When I read in the Book of Mormon about prophets that had unshaken faith it now makes me think of Elder Ravi because his faith is just so strong. Not saying my faith is not strong but he is a very good guy and a good missionary and he is being a good example to me. 

It feels super weird but right when this transfer happened everything in this branch just changed? Members were able to come with us on exchanges, we actually went on splits for the first time, our investigators came to church to watch conference, we are getting referrals like crazy? I have told you some of the struggles I have been having on my mission and one of them was waking up and going to bed on time.  In my last companionship it was up and down with the going to bed and waking up schedule and we never really saw that success we were hoping for because we never made it a number one priority to follow it. 

This past week was a slap in the face from Heavenly Father pretty much saying "I told you so" in the most loving way possible. I have seen and felt the spirit so strongly this past week because we were exactly obedient. Conference was another testament to me that questions can be answered when you listen carefully to the speakers and when you prepare yourself to heed to their messages(Your willing to change). There were so many great talks and so many good insights that I learned! I would have to write like 3 more emails because there just isn't enough time.

Yesterday we met with Ravi again and we planned on teaching him lesson 3. Halfway going through lesson 3 we felt that he already knew everything and... I cant really explain it but I know it was the spirit. He had already been taught these lessons because he has been involved with church members for many years and the the missionaries before us have taught him. So we read him the baptism interview questions and we knew and even he knew that he was ready. We were planning on having a baptismal date for him on the 27th but he would like his father and mother to come down from Vizak and be present during the baptism. Maybe his father can even preform the baptism, that would be super cool. He has Polio in his right leg so it is hard for him to bend his knees so we are trying to find a way to help him. For the next weeks we will just be reading the Book Of Mormon with him to make sure his testimony is strong.

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