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Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 39: Spirit felt in Rajamundry and pics

Elder Gardiner left this morning to Visak (Visakhaputnam) and he will be flying home tomorrow to see his family. He was a super good missionary and he taught me and showed me some really cool skills. Now, I am with Elder Britton again for 3 days and then on Thursday, Elder Ravi will be my official new companion. I am not a big fan of change, I actually hate change, but sometimes it is necessary. Elder Thompson(Bangalore) left and so did Solomon (New AP) so Rajahmundry just became a very quiet zone:(. 

Last week was a very quiet week for Elder Gardiner and I but we managed to squeeze in a couple of lessons. Mohan came to church again on Sunday and he stayed the full time and then some. Last night Elder Britton and I visited an investigator they have been teaching and his name was Ravi. Ravi is this super humble and intelligent man who is the only member of his family that is not a member of the church. His brother Anand is currently at BYU Hawaii and he has wanted missionaries to baptize his brother for so many years. Yesterday I was blessed to have yet another super spiritual experience with his family (his wife is a member). We shared with him how vital he is to God's plan and how great of help he will be to this branch because we need more worthy and diligent priesthood holders in this branch. He as had polio since he was born, but in only one of his legs. 

We shared probably my favorite scripture in the Book of Mormon, Ether 12:27, and we told him that when we are blessed with problems and trials, Heavenly Father is giving us a chance to grow and show our faith in him. The Spirit was so strong in that lesson that we just talked and forgot all about the time and just focused on him. He accepted to be baptized on April 27th! It's weird how a whole week can be changed by just one spiritual experience? Heavenly Father truly wants us to be happy, if anyone thinks other wise it just would not make any sense.  He answers prayers in the weirdest ways and he is always pouring out blessings upon the faithful.

Fun facts for you:
 -India was a name given by the British because they could not pronounce its actual name Bharat.

- Most of the cities in south India were given by the British because they could not correctly pronounce the actual names.

Visackhaputnam: Waltair 
Chennai: Madras 
Rajahmundry: Rajahmahendrapuram
Bangalore: Bengaluru
Kakinada: Kokanada

You have officially been pimped...

Elder Dusara
Rajamundry Zone

Four Posers

Elder Dusara, Solomon, Thompson and Singh

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