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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week 83: Leaving Hyderabad, back to Rajahmundry to train...

Well I am sorry for the lack of photos this week, the computer I am currently using does not want to comply with my camera:( So I have been feeling very sad this past week because I was leaving the Hyderabad 1st Ward. Seeing the baptism of Brother Chatergee was a very humbling experience for me. We had Stake President Gutti give the baptism and thats kind of what made it awesome. President Gutti gave baptism to the other members of the family 7 years ago. Chatergee was the only one left:) Sunday was a nice and peaceful day after that. It was super hard to get through Monday knowing that I was not going to see some of those people for a long time. Thank goodness it was Preparation Day or I would have been depressed all day. We played as a Zone a lot of basketball and finished off with the last Hard Rock meal I am going to eat in India. I said goodbye to everyone and on Tuesday I began my adventure back to Bangalore.

I waited at the airport for two and a half hours for another Elder that was suppose to be with me(Chandroo) but I could not seem to find the guy. I had no phone and I started to ask random people if I could make a phone call. Not even kidding, 3 out of the 4 people I asked had Iphones that were about to die(Not even surprised!!). Finally a taxi guy let me use his phone and I called the assistants only to hear them say that I was a 30sec walk away from Elder Chandroo... This is what happens when there is poor connection between people. I was not happy at all but I did get to ride in Presidents new Toyota so that was nice:)

The assistants told us that we would be the first Elders to stay in the new mission home. I was scared because that means I am going to be living across the hall way from President Berrett, I was not very excited about that. I had a chance to get closer with President and Sister Berrett and I had to enjoy the nicest bed, food and drink I have ever had my entire mission. For 3 days I was there and we had Waffles for dinner, Pizza Hut for lunch or Beef sandwiches? Does it get better than that? I also was blessed to be paired with my new companion Elder ThambI. He is from Bangalore and he is freaking cool! He likes to play soccer and he is a very humble missionary, we are going to do great things together. I had the chance to visit some families I loved to see in Ramamurthy Nagar and it was so awesome to see that they still remember me:) 

So Elder Singh and I are in the same apartment...things might be getting crazy!


Elder Dusara

Bro Chatergee baptism w pres Gutti

Bro Chatergee

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