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Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 80: 3 more blessings this week...

Ok so this morning was literally the coldest morning I thing I have ever had on my mission. I got up at about 6:19am to go use the bathroom and when I opened the door of our room...I saw my breath as I was breathing. I have not seen that for a very long time so my companion and I got a little too excited about it, kinda freaked out the member we were with because he had like 2 jackets on haha.

Pretty exciting week which sadly came to an end. Elder Mangum and I really were blessed this week with 3 new investigators, 2 of which came to church and have a baptismal date for the end of Jan and beginning of Feb. 

So we were able to meet with that Brother Chatergee(The one who called us and said he wanted to get baptized).  We have met with him I recall about 3 times this week and he already knows and understands everything because he has been back and forth with the church for about 7 years. He came to church on Sunday with his mother and they stayed for all three hours.

The next blessing came during sacrament meeting. We noticed this brother come into sacrament and we had a member go sit with him. After the meeting we met and talked with him and it turns our he is from Europe and his name is John. When he was living in Hungary he said that he visited the church there and went to the activities and he had a lot of fun. When he came to Hyderabad he wanted to find the same church. So he really wants to learn more about what we are teaching and he wants to help us teach. During Gospel Principles I got his phone and downloaded Gospel Library for him. 

The Third blessings come from teaching Pavani and Devi. So at the beginning of last week the father said that he does not want them to be baptized but he will let them come to church. On Friday Mark and I went over to their home in hopes to soften the fathers heart by sharing with him the importance of baptism and the blessings that will follow. About 20 minutes into the lesson I bore my testimony and I said that I was baptized when I was 8 Years old. The father was shocked and said "Oh ok no problem, they can be baptized". That would have been a great commercial for the EASY button hahah. But they are getting baptized next Sunday so we are very happy about that:)

This is Elder Dusara signing out,
Elder Dusara

Pizza Hut advertisement...new flavors
Member Prem and I

Soon to be new member Pavani:)

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