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Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 24: Murry Christmas from Rajahmundry

So this last week has been interesting for my companion and I. We have been taking advantage of the cycles we have and we just keep pouring money into it because they are junk bikes. We are also waiting for reimbursements from the Zone Leaders and it is taking forever. 

I have been living off personal funds for the past week. Anyway, the members are really helping us out with our area and they are showing us where all of our members live so now we have a pretty good scope of the area. Our Branch President gave a referral to a family that lives close to their home. He showed us where they live and we went and taught them about the Book Of Mormon. The husband has a crazy drinking problem and he wants to change because it is destroying his health. We visited them twice last week to check on him and his family to see if they needed any help at all. I heard he was admitted into the hospital on Saturday so I fasted for him on Sunday. 

Besides visiting alot of less actives, that was our week in a nutshell as far as the work. The members have been feeding us every Sunday and this last Sunday I was fed the best Egg Curry ever! I had three huge servings of rice just because it was that good (after I closed my fast of course). I have cut back on rice so much since I have been here because it is killing my gut! Me and my companion have devoted every morning to getting better at basketball. Elder Singh is teaching me better jumping techniques and I can almost do IT! 

Elder Solomon and I have been having a side hobby which has been pimping out our ugly cycles and helmets. We spray painted them flat black and I have put the Xbox One sticker and Lamborghini Aventador logo on my helmet. I would love to send the pictures I have but all these computers have viruses. Merry Christmas to all! Stay Classy!

Elder Dusara

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