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Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 21: Transfer to Rajahmundry

So this last week was very very interesting. I able to go on exchange with my boy Elder Bean and spend alot of time with Elder Mecham and Elder Radhakhrishnan. On Wednesday I received a call from the AP's saying that I was getting transferred on Dec. 2nd so I had to do a lot of stuff! I visited all the members and less-actives that I felt I should visit and bore my last testimony to them. Some members cried when they found out I would be leaving and that really touched my heart. 

I made a special visit to my recent converts Raju and Renuka and encouraged them to Read, Pray and come to Church because that is how they are going to see the many great blessings they are missing out on. Something extra cool was the fact that I was able to buy a new camera:) I sold my old cam to a member in my ward and went to reliance digital to purchase a new Canon Powershot SX500:) 

It came at the perfect time because we had a Missionary fireside that same day so I was able to get some wonderful videos and shots of the ward. It was a very successful fireside and 70 people attended which was such a blessing for us (Elder Sommer and I) even though we were leaving. We gave the sister missionaries all of our investigators and less-actives and pray that they will bring all of them back to the church and to baptism.

I am emailing from Rajahmandry as we speak and It is a beautiful place(Similar to Fiji) just a little more dirty. Elder Eames, Elder Vipea, Elder Solomon and I are all sharing an apartment together and we are going to do work over here. Apparently english over here is super rare (Rescue Rabbit) and like everyone speaks Telugu. We were called to find and to teach in the English language so we will find english speaking people. We don't need any more less-active telugu speaking families:(

Well lets see if some pictures work so yeah! bye bye

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