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Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 19: Fruitloops and Fruitcakes...?

Finally... an amazing week for me and my Companion! We were able to do everything that we wanted and planned and we were able to reach our Key indicator for Recent Convert/Less Actives. We have been literally making it our focus in our areas to just find the less actives. When we find less actives we will also find part members and other investigators in the process. This sounds to me like we are "Hastening The Work Of Salvation". We have been maintaining that 2-3 lessons a day routine and we are trying to be as obedient as possible. The blessings come NO JOKE when you are trying your best to be exactly obedient in everything you do. 

I cant even stress to any of you the power the Book Of Mormon has when you are daily reading and praying! Every time we meet with the less actives we always pull out the scriptures and have fun, whether it be reading their favorite passage or doing a little from where they left off. Some of these less actives ask us questions that could easily be answered if THEY READ THE BOOK! We have been taught the basics, Pray, Read the Scriptures, and Come to Church since we were kids and now more then ever is when I am starting to see why it has been repeated all these many years, even dispensations. People are not doing it, some think they can conquer super deep doctrine and some think they already know everything...WHAT A BUNCH OF FRUITCAKES! Me and my companion have been calling people Fruitcakes and Fruitloops our whole companionship (Are we bad people?). 

If you are not doing the basics how can you expect to grow in knowledge? You can't, and then...you go inactive. One of the biggest challenges or concepts for people here to understand or to accept is that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost are 3 SEPARATE beings. They are only ONE in purpose! AHHHH!!!!!( caps rage mode...). One easy scripture to solve this problem with one who thinks or claims to be of great understanding with the Bible is Matthew 3:13-16 I believe. Talks about Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist. 

This last week we also had our interviews and Zone Conference which was amazing (practices are so lame). President Berrett made it very clear to us that we are no longer doing Missionary Work here. We are to be Hastening the Work Of Salvation. Its funny because Elder Sommer and I have been doing that since we were companions so the Spirit must be guiding us in the right direction:) We are continuing to do the work we should be doing and doing that work with EVERYONE makes everything so much easier and enjoyable.

Thats my super great week, I hope y'all enjoyed yours, peace be with you, and an extra peace for you;) STAY CLASSY MY FRIENDS!

Elder Dusara

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