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Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 18: Working with the local leadership

This last week has just been crazy from me and my companion. We are working as hard as possible trying to get those darn less-actives back to church. We spend so much time waiting around for busses and autos it kinda gets really annoying, but we still hold strong and have fun. We are teaching or meeting with at least 2-3 families a day and seeing how we can help them stay strong in the gospel or come back to the fold. 

We have been working very closely with our leaders here and they are doing a great job in telling us where certain families live. The work is moving forward here in our area and I love it, I have many opportunities to exercise the priesthood which is also amazing. One thing that people cant really come to an understanding about here is the need for the Restoration? When we are teaching people about The Great Apostasy we have to nerf it completely because it is a very hard thing to understand when you have never thought about it before. Some people can understand it but most cant. Me and my companion are going to use the scriptures more when we teach the apostasy and help them understand that we are the only church that has the correct authority given from god restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

We do have 5 strong investigators that we are working with and we are diligently trying to answer their questions to the best of our ability. Most of them speak telugu and can understand english but can't speak which is tuff. We are trying to teach more people that speak english because thats actually what we are suppose to be doing anyway. Using a translator is fine in some situations but I don't like it, I have never felt the spirit when we have a translator because we have no idea what they are saying and they don't understand what we are saying, its hard sometimes!

Anyway hope everyone is staying nice and cute, I know I am:)

Elder Dusara

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