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Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 11: First baptisms in Hyderabad

Since this week past week was the last week of Ganesh we really could do any real missionary work till Friday. We knew that Gaddam Raju and Gaddam Renuka were planning on being baptized so we tried our best to meet with them as much as possible despite the restrictions to go out. We shared with them the last few commandments, Tithes and Offerings, and Chastity and they were on board with everything. We went over the baptismal questions with them and they were totally ready for it. Their testimony has grown so much since the first time we met them.

On Friday Elder Bean and I went over to their house and he conducted the interview and they did great. He whispered into my ear and said that Sister Renuka wanted me to baptize her. I could not speak because I was so excited and she was on my mind all night and all day the next day.

On Saturday we held their baptism at 5:30pm, it was suppose to be 5 but no one was their except for the sister missionaries. Everything went perfect, Elder O'Dell baptized Raju first and I observed very closely everything he did so I would do the same. When It was time for me and Renuka to go I was in the font by myself for like 2 min dancing around in the water because she got really nervous. When she walked down the stairs I tried to comfort her as much as possible and she was ok. I said everything I needed to say and then DUNK! She came out of the water and was full of joy and happiness.

The rest of the meeting was so full of the spirit I didn't want to leave the church. We took plenty of pictures and I will be sending them to you so don't worry. Such a great experience for me and for them. Our plans for them now are to meet with them every week and see how their doing and try to prepare them for the temple as much as possible. I am glad their two daughters(Madhu Priya and Joshitha) are going to grow up in the church and be baptized by their father when they turn 8.

On Sunday Brother Babu Ram got baptized by Elder O'Dell along with 2 others. Elder Bean and Elder Dass preformed the other baptisms. We had 5 baptisms this last weekend and almost set a record for the whole zone of Hyderabad! We are suppose to have 28 baptisms here in Hyderabad this month so lets see:)
Saturday was Elder O'Dells birthday! I got him a Humpback whale tie!

Happy Birthday Rajina! I listened to One Direction the other day and knew all the words and the other missionaries looked at me weird for 3 minutes! I did it for you. That's pretty neat...

Dueces Elder Dusara

When Elder Dusara was asked how it felt to baptize someone, this was his response "It was better than any K/D ratio on Halo/Call of Duty! Probably the greatest feeling ever." 

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