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Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 10: Ganesh festivities, new apartment challenges

This email is going to be very short because last week we only were able to teach one 2 lessons the whole week! Because of the lock-downs and the fact we could not OYM people, wear ties, or tags made it very had to find people to teach. We could not even teach our own investigators because they all lived next to huge Ganesh statues and we were not allowed to go near them.

Baburam was supposed to be baptized yesterday but he was running really late to church and he missed everything completely. We still had him come to church to at least to witness another baptism so he will know whats going to be happening to him next Sunday. After the baptism Elder O'Dell and I gave him a special present, A Book Of Mormon triple combination, and a Bible. He was super excited and texted us later asking questions about marking them.

That was pretty much our week as far as missionary work goes. We spent a lot of time together as a district and enjoyed much sleepovers and MCDONALDS. Every night there were people driving around a truck and a huge group of people just dancing in front of the lights to a group of drummers.  Elder Dass and I almost jumped in and joined one of the dance/raves that was happening right next to us but the spirit told us it wasn't a good idea. Elder O'Dell got sick on Friday and Saturday so I looked after him for those days and 
we spent both days in the apartment. 

This week its looking good for Brother Prem Raj and his wife Esther. We taught them the plan of salvation on Saturday and they are ready for their interview this week. This Saturday we are hoping to have them baptized and Sunday confirmed members. This family has been a huge blessing to me and my companion and our prayers were definitely answered. After their baptism we plan on helping them prepare for the temple and getting sealed for all life and eternity! I might actually have my very first baptism this week:) 

That's all she wrote folks...

In email conversations with Elder Dusara last night, we learned that he is doing a good job cleaning...must have learned from mom, and that he will be moving locations because they have Sister Missionaries that just arrived. See below:

We got sister missionaries last week and we had to move out of our apartment for them and drag all our luggage a mile to our new apt. The Zone Leaders checked our apartment and said it was to old and it was falling apart, he was right! There is termite damage everywhere and one of our bathrooms doesn't have a light or a working door. So we had to drag our stuff back and move in again. I spent like 2-3 hours sweeping up the dust and mopping the floor, is it sad that I enjoy cleaning so much? Sister Singh and Sister Gupta are the new sisters from Delhi and Sister Gupta is 32 years old which is crazy but she can cook amazing food so lets hope and pray she will take care of the elders....

I wash my sheets and towels every other week. I always am washing my clothes every week and yea. I bought new bath soap yesterday and hand soap for our bathroom since we never had any. I am actually taking care of myself thank you very much!

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