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Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 7: More sickness, success too...

Sorry I am sending this email later than I usually would. Our district decided to go to this museum this morning and not return till about 3:30pm. We managed to squeeze 6 elders in one auto all the way from Secunderabad station which is 3 miles away from where we needed to go. Anyway I am here and thats what matters I guess. This week was kinda on and off for us. I found a way to get sick again and we stayed in the apartment for 3 days. We have not been finding much success by finding and OYM(Open your mouth). We did take the time while I was sick to totally fix our area book and make it nice and organized and up to date. We were also able to call all the referrals that were left in the area book but none of them picked up.
Last Tuesday(before I got sick) we had plans to go meet with our favorite YSA's Brother Delip and Sister Shraveni. When we arrived at their home their mother said that both of them were at church. We were wondering what we should do since we were all the way in Begumpet so we held the search for Monopoly Deal. We looked at 2 toy stores and found it in this shopping mall just a couple Km up the road. We came back to our apartment at 9 and played till 11. Monopoly Deal has been played everyday since we bought it and it keeps us grounded... a little.

On Saturday we had plans to meet our golden investigator Babu Ram. When he arrived at the church around 5pm the Ysa's just started their activity. We let him go participate and make friends because for us fellowship from people his age is very good and will make him want to come to church knowing he has friends besides us. They played a lot of different games and it lasted 2 hours. After we all ate biriyani and chicken kababs and Babu Ram was talking to all his new friends which made us very happy. I found an awesome opportunity to talk to this complete stranger I had never seen before at this activity. He said he was Delips best friend and that he was there to support him and the activity he was putting on. He was not a member but he loved feeling the spirit during sacrament when he went. I asked him If he would like to learn more about the church and how he can feel the spirit everyday. He said that would be great and I got his information. His name is Naveen and he lives in Filmnagar which is where all the Telugu actors live.

Yesterday at church a guy name Berrath Kumar showed up and said he talked to us on the phone. He was one of the referrals we got in our area book but he just hung up immediately when we told him we were the Elders. He came for the last part of sacrament and attended both Gospel Principles class and Elders Quorum. He was previously taught everything like 4 months ago but his friends told him the church was not true. He somehow felt an impression to call us back and to come to church because we really didn't do anything.We are teaching him tonight so we shall see how that goes.

So yea that was my week in a nut shell. When I was sick I ordered McDonalds twice and KFC! Yeah I went hard in the paint for three days! Yea Kevin Lind! You can order Mcdonalds from your house and they bring it to you:))))))))))) Since one of the workers there is LDS he gives us two free MccChickens every time we order:)). On the Indian food side of things I had Dhal Fry today which tasted exactly like moms Dhal. I also had Chicken Mogulei, Pani Purri, and Curd rice again which still is nasty! I had this amazing indian sweet that almost tasted like caramel but I cant remember.

And that was my week! This week I am going to TGI Fridays for my birthday and I am paying for like 5 people so dad watch my account for me. I also forgot to tell you that 2 weeks ago Elder Odells grandfather visited him/us and we went to TGI Fridays together. Grandpa Advani was his name and he was super legit. If you plan on making a trip down here I know a good/amazing hotel that is close to where I stay.:) Goodbye friends!  

Elder Dusara out...

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