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Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 6 in India - Hard work beginning to pay off!

This week was much better compared to last week which is fantastic. We were able to teach 4 lessons to investigators with a member present, 2 member families and found 3 new investigators. This past week was so cool because we were able to see the Lord's hand in everything we did, whether it be teaching lessons or talking to people on the street. He really does prepare people to hear the gospel and to feast upon the words which we teach. Our strongest investigator, Baburam, has been texting us questions about the Book of Mormon and asking what certain words mean. He wants to be baptized so bad on Sep. 7th, its amazing! For the month of September we have 8 people that are willing to be baptized and 5 of them are really committing to follow all the commandments and the teachings of the lord. As a Zone we have 29 people who are wanting to get baptized, if we can follow through with all of them and help them with everything they need Hyderabad will set the record for most baptisms ever. But we are not about the numbers, we are about the people behind it.

So two days ago during Ward Mission Council Meeting (WMCM) we were talking about our investigators and how the ward can help fellowship them into coming to church. The meeting was suppose to take 1 hour but Elder Sarkies and Elder Dhandapani felt the need to share their entire list of investigators instead of just sharing the strongest ones hahah. Anyway, before the meeting ended a sister came to me and gave me a referral and told me that this investigator was interested and wanted to know more about the church. She said I should call her and set up a date to visit her family. Not 5 minutes after this, the investigator walks inside the building with her daughter and immediately me and my companion teach her about the restoration. Her name was Mamutha and her daughters name was Michelle and they were curious about our church because their church was becoming to commercial and business like. That experience was something I have been looking forward to for a long time.

Before the WMCM meeting we met with Baburam and he brought two of his friends from college. They were curious of the message we had to share and we taught them of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They understood everything we taught and it was so great, even though one of them only spoke telugu. Their names were Suresh, and Naresh. Both were great guys.

I wish I could send pictures back but we tried a new internet cafe and they don't have the SDHC card I need. I witnessed and actual basketball tournament that took place during independence day and there were hundreds of people. I also had the privilege to play volleyball with all the YSA's on Saturday night and they were amazed at how high I could jump haha.

Dal and Rice is my favorite indian food to eat at members home:) Tastes like moms:)


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