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Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 3: Talent Show in Hyderabad

Elder Dusara and O'Dell in a Rickshaw

New district in Hyderabad

So this week was mainly focused on the Fireside we were hosting on Saturday. It was a Missionary Fireside so we were in charge of getting everything set up and squared away. The theme we came up with was Talents. The lord gives us many talents and its up to us to use those talents in a way to invite people to hear and learn of the gospel. So we hosted a talent show pretty much and it was the best fireside I have ever been to or been apart of. There was only like 10 people there at 6pm(when it started), so expected only 20-30 people and we bought 80 boxes full of treats and snacks as well as cool drinks. But at 6:30 there was about 50 people and then at 7 there was 72. How cool it was to see all these beautiful people laugh and smile as we had these talents preforming. Dilip and Sindhu were our hosts for the night and they were the funniest people I have ever met in India, so glad they are in my ward. We had George(Recent Convert) play his guitar and a couple aunties offered to sing these old Hindi songs from like a billion years ago. Either way it was awesome to see the participation in the ward by members and non-members. At the end of the event Brother Jackson said we should play some games so we let him take over and he and Brother Sikeren played games with 70 people. I have videos I will be posting on my youtube so don't change my password. I will be sending you guys pictures of the event and check my youtube on Wednesday to see if its up.

Time to talk about some foods I tried this past week ughhh... I have beef haleem which was alright not the greatest thing in the entire world but it wasn't too bad. I had some dal and Rice and it tasted exactly how mom makes it at home. Gulab Jamun or however you spell it, its like this small round doughnut thing that's dunked in this crazy syrup. Curd rice is nasty, just want to get that out of the way. And every night for dinner I get Chinese food from this vendor that makes the best ginger garlic chicken on the planet! with egg fried rice of course. My companion wants to go to Charminar to try CAMEL haleem and EMU haleem? I was like yea sure.... I will try one spoonful and that's about it for me.

Like I said teaching was really there this week at least with investigators. We could not go finding one day because there was elections going on. But we got to teach some members and answer any questions they had. On Friday we taught the Teofelis family and it was super legit because the wife called us and said the Jehova's witnesses came by and filled her mind with confusion so we went over there to bring her peace. The brother Teofelis is assistant commissioner in the Hyderabad police force! pretty legit. The family just bought this puppy German shepherd and we played with that dog for 45 mins hahah. Other than that it was a pretty chill and relaxing week. The fireside made up for the whole week!

Elder Dusara out:)

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