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Monday, July 15, 2013

First email and pics from Hyderabad

Elder Dusara with missionary

Drinking straight from the coconut

At Heathrow airport
Doing laundry for once

Dinner time

Good to hear from you guys! India is very very different then america that's for sure haha. When I got here I didn't think I was going to stay because I couldn't really handle the poverty and the people but now after a lot of studying and praying and reading my patriarchal blessing I am starting to see why I was called here and my purpose. My companion Elder Odell is freaking awesome and he is really showing me the ropes around India. 

First day we caught a ride to the Mission Presidents home in Bangalore and we used the Autos( Rickshaws) to get there. Dad would laugh so hard seeing me in one of those things but that's a picture for another time. At about 2:30pm on Wednesday Elder Odell and I flew out to Hyderabad my first zone in which I will be serving in. I will be here for 3 months and possibly more depending on what happens with the mission. I have been riding a lot of buses(about 3-4 times a day) to get from place to place. The buses rarely stop so you have to jump out while it is moving. Crossing the street here is like playing frogger. I have walked out on the busiest streets ever and everyone just goes around you. We have about 5 people with baptisim dates and possibly more. We have already taught a couple lessons to new investigators and recent converts. I am struggling to understand the Telegu language. We have translators during some of our lessons and thats great. 

I was at a members home yesterday( Sis Soni) teaching one of her friends. She called me the "Hindi Hero" and thought I was a movie star lol. Never going to forget that moment. The kids in these certain areas always run up to us and shake our hands and talk with us. I love the people of Hyderabad and hope I can stay in this zone my whole 2 years. My ward(West Marredpally 3 ward) is so legit. Its basically a singles ward with a couple of families. The work is growing and that is good because we have a lot of work to do. I will try to email every Monday at 10am so expect it. Let me know how that family is doing. I will be sending pictures as well. Talk to you next Monday:) Teaching kids how to ball today!!!!!

Elder Dusara  

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