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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week 77: Looking for a new apt, Blessen's baptism

Probably the busiest week I have ever had on my mission! My companion Elder Ravindran had to get a surgery on his back and I was in the hospital with him for 2 days. We had a good time together and he was able to slowly get back to better health. The hospital was pretty creepy at night so I got little to no sleep at all. One night just as we were going to bed I asked Ravindran "Hey what is Absciss?
Ravindran: Its like a cysts.
Dusara: What is a cysts?
Ravindran: Its like an absciss!

*Insert meme face where the old grandma is saying WAT!

I was able to be united with Elder Mangum and that was nice. We have been having a lot fun together but it is hard to go out and work while having to find someone to take care of Elder Ravindran. We have been going through apartment problems as well. Our land lord wants us to vacate by the end of the month and we have not had a chance to be looking for apartments. The last few days thats literally all we have been doing. In the afternoon we are hunting for apartments and in the evenings we are trying to have some meaningful appointments. 

Elder Cloward and Elder D'Vas moved down the street and they took everything in our apartment so now we no washer, no refrigerator, and no food:( Subway has been our friends for the past couple days. We need to leave our apartment soon so that is bringing a lot of stress to us. 

The best news of all is that BLESSON was BAPTIZED! The wonderful 11 year old superstar entered into the waters of baptism on Sunday. There is a fantastic story that I would like to share with y'all. So we had wanted Govind(Blesson's cousin) to baptize Blesson because that would have been a super spiritual experience for both of them. In the morning Govind called me about 8 times telling me that his mom wants me to give the baptism(I know that he was a little nervous about the whole thing). I told him that he would give it and he should not worry about what his aunt is saying. 

We had the bishop talk to Blesson's mom and she said that it would be ok if Govind performed the baptism. Still he was feeling a little uneasy about it and he pulled me aside and asked "Elder, Am I ready?" I said "This is going to bring you happiness that you could not describe!"  Twenty minutes later talks were shared and baptisms were preformed! Everything literally went perfect. I received a call later that night from Govind and he thanked me for giving him the chance to preform that baptism. He said that Blesson is so happy and so is his mother! He said he is never going to forget that moment. Even with all the junk happening in right now, we are still being blessed abundantly with joy and happiness:)

So in the photo where we are cutting the cake with the nurses, we actually were invited by our Relief Society President(Sister Betsy). She is the Head Nurse in the emergency ward and she invited all the doctors and nurses into her office to listen to the message "He is the Gift". We showed the video and testified and everyone was very happy with our testimonies. It was actually a very interesting learning experience...Teaching in the Emergency Block hahah YOLO! 

Enjoy Christmas with your families,

Elder Dusara

Wedding photo

Eating cake at the hospital

Blessen's Baptism

Wedding with bride and groom

Ravindran, Blessen and Govind

Ravindran in hospital

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