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Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 63: Slow week in Coimbatore - Helping with a move

I just going to be real with everyone...this week was pretty lame. There was not a lot going on and everything just went by very slowly.

The highlight of my week was the service we were able to offer on Tuesday. Our Relief Society President was moving out her home and they did not have enough money to pay for labor. So Elder Anthony and I were ready to help. At about 6:30pm we arrived at the home with our Branch President and there was no one there. 

Usually at home we will have most of the Priesthood holders and their sons come and the job goes by very fast. This was not that time haha and it was only us 3. I was not in a good mood this entire day until this point. I then was reminded of one the gifts my Heavenly Father had given me, and that was my strength. I was able to carry these huge bed frames, box's and cabinets by myself? Everyone was shocked at how much I was able to lift and they always made a comment on it. The whole move took about 6 hours almost, with the help of 3 men and their family. It was so nice to be able to give service like that and I always remember the times I had at home doing the same thing.

When I saw that family at church, the grandfather came up to me and said that he is going to remember me for the rest of his life. He thanked me and my companion and I felt so good inside. Even with all the other things that are distracting me I was able to push that aside and feel happiness and joy.

God has given us so many talents an gifts! He has also given us opportunities to use them. May we recognize what they are and use them for the purpose of uplifting and edifying. We can be comforted in times of sorrow! 

Elder Dusara

Mayflower anyone...?

Time to eat

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