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Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 59: Fun times on the bus...where's my stick?

Well to start off my wonderful P-Day It began with on old man. I was on the bus already sitting by myself just derping around and this old man comes on the bus shouting to the heavens in TAMIL. Everyone was looking at him and he was yelling at the conductor for about 20 minutes. He sat next to me and seriously farted like 4 times and picked up this stick he found and then he left. I did not understand a single word he said but I was laughing because the conductors face was priceless. Apparently the whole argument was over this old mans stick that he was looking for for 2 days. He found it on the bus and blamed the conductor for stealing it! God Bless India!

So last week Elder Anthony and I had the chance to work closely with some of the less-actives in our area and some of our progressing investigators who are getting baptized next week and the week after. Brother Shreedhar is one of those investigators. The last time we visited his home we taught him about the Word Of Wisdom. The lesson was great but I felt like he did not fully understand the blessing that can follow when you choose to follow this commandment. So I pulled out my camera and HDMI cable and hooked it up to his TV. We watched the Mormon Message "Leave the Party". It pretty amazing how technology works and I am glad that his understanding was improved just by visually watching it. He is preparing for Baptism next Sunday so we will do our best to prepare him for that day. 

On Friday last week we had an Open house and we had about 78 people who attended. Our Zone had a great number of new Investigators just based on this little event that happened so hopefully in the coming weeks we will have the success we are looking for. 

Time for Basketball and Soccer:) PEACE

Elder Dusara  

New team in Coimbatore


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