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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 56: The Miracle of Forgiveness

Probably the best Sunday I have ever had on my mission, no lies. I taught Sudhi and had a baptismal interview with him because he is getting baptized next week. Elder Mulampaka taught Nielson and Lazzar and got set with a baptismal date for August 17th. We had 5 of our investigators attend sacrament meeting and we are planning for 6 baptisms this month! We have seriously been blessed, no joke, this week. Our phone was not working for 3 days so we were unable to plan and meet with almost all of our investigators until Thursday. 

Elder Mangum came on exchange with me on Friday and we visited all of his converts that he and Elder Stevens baptized last year. I was able to understand an area that I have never even visited before so I was happy that had the chance to be with him. 

This past week for me I have been trying to work on my forgiveness and my love towards others. I have seen the blessings of loving someone unconditionally and not judging them of their past transgressions. This has been something I have struggled with my entire life. 

My mission has been able to shape the way I think now and I am going to make sure that it stays with me forever. There will be times where an auto driver makes up some insane price for a simple ride, or for a waiter to tell me after I had been waiting for my meal to tell me that they do not carry that certain dish today? Little moments like this give me a chance to simply just think about where these people are coming from and what they are going through in their life. For example, The auto driver has a family to take care of and he is really trying his best to squeeze in a couple last transports so he can provide his family with the sufficient food they need for the night. 

There are plenty more examples that I could come up with but the point of the lesson is to "Forgive" and "Love". I am going to strive to be better with this each and everyday and I give that same challenge to all of you at home! Read John 13:34-35:)

We got 6 baptisms planned for this month! YOLO!

Elder Dusara

His name in Hindi

Reunited with Elder Singh briefly

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