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Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 49 & 50 updates: The work is really progressing in Bangalore

Week 1
Well I don't know what there is to say about how the work is going here in Ramamurthy Nagar except that everything is Hastening! I cant even tell in words how blessed Elder Wigington and I are to be serving in such a blessed branch. The members actually just want to help, they are not doing it out of obligation but more out of the love of their hearts. We have been working very closely with some of the less-active members trying to bring them on splits because that is a good way to get them back to church. A really sweet experience happened on Wednesday that I would love to share.

We were out at about 1pm in the afternoon trying to call some members to go on splits. We had two lined up already but then bunked last minute. We were not having any success in finding someone so we just prayed that we could have the chance to have just one person to go on exchange. 

While we were walking back to get my camera(I forgot it at the apartment), a member drove up on his bike next to us and said "Hey Elders How are you?". I had no idea who this was but Elder Wigington did. His name was Naveen and he has not been at church for a very long time. My first question I asked him was " Are you free to come on exchange with us?". He said that he was free for the rest of the day and we took him and had some very powerful lessons.  Not only that but Naveen also came to church with his family on Sunday and that was super awesome to see!

Week 2

Man what a change we are seeing the the area. We found 9 new investigators some of who had been dropped by previous Elders. I guess they are now prepared to hear the Gospel again:) Once again we had the pleasure of taking members everyday on splits and the blessigs were being seen everyday. We are trying to take more sisters on splits because we have only been taking boys and we need to be fair to everyone. We were able to have 34 lessons taught last week so Elder Wigington and I were feeling very happy.

So I actually had two very special experiences that happened a couple of days ago that I would like to share with you. We have one sister who's name is Shanthi and she is the sweetest referral we have ever received. She comes from a Christian background and she really wants to be baptized again because she has not been the best she could be and she wants to change (Repentance). She has had a hard life and her mother HATES Christians (She is Hindu). 

When we came over for the first time her mother cleaned the entire house just for us so that we would feel comfortable. She only speaks Tamil but I know she felt the spririt in our lesson because she asked us to come over every day because she likes the feeling that comes when the missionaries come over. So 3 days ago I went over and we taught Shanti about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she mentioned a dream she had a day before when I showed here a mormon message about temples using my camera. She said she saw in her dream a gate and when it opend she saw a temple but she did not understand what that meant. After the lesson I explaing to her that Heavenly Father wants you and your family to go to the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity! What a cool experience for here to go through that and to share that with me. It was a super powerful experience for the both of us.

My next experience comes from 2 boys who's names are Stephen(14) and Bernard(10). They are the two sons to Simon who is a new investigator that was referred to us by a wonderful member of ours. We have not actually had the time to sit with them and teach for a good amount of time but we gave them a Book Of Mormon and asked them to read and ponder the message it contains. 2 days ago we went to their home to visit them but the parents were not home. 

Their youngest son Bernard came running up out of now where to tell us they his parents would not be returning for a couple of hours. I was on splits with 2 members at the time, James, and Alvin. I talked with Bernard and Stephan about soccer and how I would like if they could come play with us in the morning. One thing led to another and then we started to talk about the Book Of Mormon. Aparentely those boys have been reading without the parents knowledge and they have been understanding everything. Then they introduced their friend to me and he wanted to read that Book. So they let borrow it and this other boys family now has a copy of the Book Of Mormon:)

What a week it has been! GO USA!

I would like some packages:)

Love you all,


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