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Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 34: Mission Conference and new pics

So as all of you might know, this past week I had the opportunity to fly to Bangalore with every other Missionary in the mission to attend Mission Conference. We were addressed and by Elder Randy Funk and his wife (Previous Mission President), Elder Halstrum (Area Seventy), and Elder Jeffery Holland (Apostle) and his wife . It was a very spiritual experience and I learned a lot more about stories from the New Testament. 

We discussed John 3-4 and talked about how these stories were similar and how Jesus Christ was able to teach on their level to where they could understand. Elder Holland's knowledge about the scriptures is freaking crazy! My mind was hurting just trying to understand some of the things he was saying. He comes over a bit scary at first but when he was teaching us he was the funniest guy. He was cracking jokes and everyone was laughing! I have never seen that side of Elder Holland ever! 

The whole trip to Bangalore just amazing in general. I felt like we were all business man because we just had our suits on with no ties and tags (airport policy). It was super cool to meet everyone in the mission and to see how large it has gotten. We were taught of some new ways of how we can better ourselves as missionaries and how we can help others come closer to Christ.

We went to Phoenix Mall and ate Krispy Kreams and ate mexican food. I bought a Shirwani and Scarf:) I look pretty hot!

Elder Dusara

Mission Conf

Bollywood Hero

Misson conference

Jeevy with Boo

Rajajmundry Zone

Jeevy and Boo

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